Multilingual people are more attractive

Fear agus bean dathúilI was delighted to read an article on CNN that said that a survey from the language learning application Babbel finds that multilingual people are perceived as more attractive.

There are no disadvantages to being multilingual, only advantages. This survey offers further proof of that.

The survey finds that nine out of ten people would learn a language for love. As I have written about here, that is exactly what I am doing. I am learning German so that I can improve my relationship with my German girlfriend’s family and friends.

It is a very strong reason to learn a language. It is for love rather than work or education.

What I was not surprised by in the article was that it confirmed once again that English speakers are pretty rotten at learning languages. This unwillingness to learn another language breeds ignorance and arrogance.

The article makes for very interesting reading and is a further stimulus to encourage people to start learning a language.