My arse hurts – A LOT!

My arse hurts – A LOT!

My glutes are on fire
My glutes are on fire!

As previously mentioned on my blog, I have set myself a personal objective to get thinner and try to eliminate the fat on my belly. I am generally eating better with lots of fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts and water. The other thing that needs to be done is to get active and burn off the fat.

So in my effort to get fitter and to get thinner, I joined a gym in Claonadh for a month. My membership began on Monday August 1st. I did some spinning cycling and some weights on my first day. The following morning on the second day I signed up for something more intensive i.e. exhausting. It’s called Body Blitz and they do a class of it every morning.

Fuck me! I was not ready for this. It is an intensive, active, fast-paced class of squats, running, planks, kettlebells, free weights, jumping and whatever else the instructor feels like adding to it. I was wrecked! Thankfully the class only lasts 30 minutes. The participants would not survive more than that.

I was breathless, sweating profusely and unable to complete all the activities. It was well and truly jumping into the very deep end of gym life. I know I want to burn fat off my body but this was hell.

I felt some pain in my legs and chest on Tuesday evening from the exertion from the Body Blitz. It made for painful steps on the stairs and for slow walking.

I was so sore and tired after the Body Blitz, I decided to skip it on Wednesday last week and go for spinning instead. This was somewhat easier as I only had to sit on the bike saddle and pedal – at various intensities. I did not have to do squats, weights, jumping etc. I thought that it would be easier. In some ways it is but it still knackered me.

The worse was to come.

By Wednesday evening, I was in deep agony. My arse! My thighs! It was hell. I could barely walk. Sitting down, standing up, walking up and downstairs was all very painful. Going down stairs was even more painful than going up. It was clear that I had overdone it in the gym and my body was woefully unprepared for such a shock to it.

I found it very difficult to sleep on Wednesday night as I every time that I moved in the bed, I was in agony. The muscles in my ass (aka glutes) had been ripped open by the squats and the spinning and were letting me know in no uncertain terms that they did not like the Body Blitz. I was seriously looking for painkillers on Wednesday night and made a resolution to buy magnesium to help my muscles repair and recover. I decided not to return to the gym last week until the pain had eased off and I could comfortably do things again. I had the excuse of a friend’s wedding on Saturday and my girlfriend visiting so I did not have the time to go. Honestly, even if I did have the time, I would not have been ready for more.

This week, I went to a Body Blitz class on Monday and a Pilates Fitness class this morning (Tuesday). The Body Blitz is dreadful. It is the same as before. There was no way that I could do the same two days in a row. This morning I chose to do the Pilates class. It was the first time that I did Pilates. It is much more to my liking. It is a lot slower and easygoing. It is not intense and done at a relaxed pace and is all about strengthening the core which is the area where I need most help. The class lasts 45 minutes and it is bearable. Movements are done slowly and there is no emphasis on high-tempo exercises. Thankfully!

Nevertheless, my arse still hurts. Whether it is Body Blitz or Pilates, there seems to be a lot of work for the glutes to do. My poor backside has to suffer for my belly to get thinner. It is crazy that it is so painful but I am so unfit and unused to exerting myself in this way that I have to suffer in order to get into shape.

I have magnesium at the ready to help me get through this tough time.