You’ve put on some weight, mister!

#1 2017 new year’s resolution – get in shape

When your girlfriend tells you on the last evening of the year “You’ve put on some weight, mister!” well then guess what the new year’s resolution is going to be? You guessed it – burn off the fat!

Christmas is a time of plenty. Plenty of parties and plenty of food. For most people it means overeating as there are so many days off and so much food to eat on Christmas eve, Christmas day, St. Stephen’s day and new year’s eve. There might be chances to gorge on some of the days between Christmas day and January 1st.

So when I was putting on a shirt to dress up for the new year’s eve party and my girlfriend said “You’ve put on some weight, mister”, it was the kick up the backside that I needed to focus on getting into shape. Those words played in my mind all evening so I determined to do something about it. I can’t have my girlfriend say that to me again.

Back to the gym with a bang for a spin

I am still a member of a gym so on January 2nd, I returned to it with gusto. Now I am not a lover of gyms and sports but when I am not getting any younger and my belly is not getting any smaller, then I have to do stuff that normally I would be happy to skip.

So last Thursday, I went back to the gym and did a spinning class. It was an hour long and was quite tough but still worthwhile. I sweated, as a former classmate of mine in university was wont to say, like a lesbian in a fish market. The guide, Stephanie, pushed us and entertained us and kept us motivated. We did interval training on the bike of sprints and slogs uphill.

It was knackered afterwards but still happy to have burned off so many calories. I did some resistance training afterwards to build up my muscles too and add to the after burn effect.

I went back on Friday evening to do another spinning class but alas they only do them on Mondays through to Thursdays so I did a spinning session of my own. I replicated the style that Stephanie had taught us the night before but only did it for half an hour and then did some resistance training afterwards. Again loads of sweating and feeling knackered but good.

My gluts hurt – a lot!

On Saturday, my gym buzz continued. I was in Germany with my girlfriend and I took her up on her offer to join her in the gym for a Body Pump class. Body torture more like! It was an hour long class of weights, squats, barbell lifts, lunges, dips, abdominal crunches and lots of sweating and cursing.

I was knackered from the spinning classes of the two previous evenings so I was not able to do it as best as I could. I also selected weights that were too heavy for me and therefore it left me too tired too soon and unable to do as much. Lesson learned. Start small and light.

My body was pumped alright. During the class I warmed up and sweated a lot though not as much as from the spinning class but I knew that the real problem would come later. The next few days.

My back, shoulders and backside all hurt like hell! This is from over exercising and having muscle fibres ripped open that have not been exercised so much in a long while. It is painful and awkward to walk up and down stairs. Lifting a leg more than five centimetres high is usually accompanied by a loud but dull “Owww!” as I ease myself up and down steps.

I’ll get over it.


It is always a resolution of many people to get into shape and burn off fat. It is quite difficult to do but when your girlfriend tells you directly that you are putting on fat, it is an excellent motivator to change. There are some other things that motivate me such as hearing that my girlfriend’s brother has lost 15kg in the last year from eating less carbs. So I am definitely changing my diet. I am eating less at lunch and eating more salads and fruit at work and at home. I really enjoy them so I do not mind. Some people do not like fruit and vegetables but I love them so I find it very easy to change. The real problem is the feeling of hunger. That’s a bitch! What happens when you want to eat something at 16.00 and there is nothing around apart from vending machines with chocolate and biscuits? These things are sure-fire ways to help you get fatter.

The key is to be prepared and to bring bags and boxes of nuts and fruit into the office so that you can get through the hungry periods without scoffing shit such as chocolate or biscuits.

Other men have done it – so can I!

Another inspiration is seeing what other men have achieved. I met a man in the gym who is in great shape with a chiseled body. He told me that a woman was his inspiration as well. He fancied a woman in university and she told him that he was getting chubby so he resolved to change immediately. It definitely succeeded as he is in great shape unlike yours truly – yet!

I saw Johnny Ward’s blog post about getting into shape in 21 days. Fuck me! That is impressive. In his before and after photographs, he looks like two different men. His before photograph is kind of how I look. I have a soft, round belly. It is inspiring to see that within a month, one can have a six-pack and the soft, round belly has transformed into something much better.

This is what I aim for. I shall keep the world updated.