Personal Objectives

Tough Personal Objectives

I have recently set myself personal objectives which are:

1. To get thinner and fitter.

2. To learn German.

Burning off the fat!

I have a soft belly which I have tried somewhat to burn off. My big problem is that I have a large appetite and I like food – as in I REALLY LIKE FOOD! This does not help when you want to get thin and burn fat off. Along with that, I am not a naturally sporty person so I never have the inclination to run, jump, kick, swim etc. I enjoy cycling and I am particularly well placed in where I live in Cill Dara that the land is flat so it makes for easier cycling.

Fir ramhra
Fir ramhra

I should be ten kilogrammes lighter. At my age of 35, I have to work on it.  Along with that, I have to eat better and eat less. I do generally eat lots of fruit, vegetables and nuts but then quite often I eat stuff such as ice cream, chocolate, cakes etc. None of this helps. I have started to avoid cereal-based foods such as bread and pasta.

I plan to join the gym in my town of Claonadh and do some hard courses such as spinning, bootcamp (hell!) and kettlebells.

As part of the fun of eating better, I am putting photographs of the smoothies and meals that I make and eat on my Instagram account.

I am very much inspired by a German friend of my girlfriend who had to shed a lot of fat in order to qualify to join the police in Germany. His before and after photographs prove that anyone can burn off fat if they really try and stick with it. Stay tuned! I aim to show how I am getting on.

Learn German

Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

I have a very good reason to learn German – I have a gorgeous German girlfriend. This is the best motivation to learn another language. Screw learning languages as a hobby or a for a job. Learn it for love. While my girlfriend speaks English perfectly, her mother doesn’t speak English and at the time of writing, I can not speak German besides a few token phrases. It feels awkward sitting at the dining table in her house and not be able to contribute to the discussion in German. It is truly a language barrier. I know that if I could talk to all of her family in Germany, my relationship with my girlfriend and her family would move to a much higher level. That is where I want to be.

I did study German for three years in secondary school. I do not remember much of it though. I thoroughly enjoy learning languages and the people and culture that they hail from. I am not interested in languages for linguistic reasons, I am interested in languages for social reasons. Speaking other people’s languages makes life so much more enjoyable and allows relationships to become closer and happier.

There are a number of ways to learn a language such as attending classes, learning from books, software, languages exchanges etc. For me, I find language exchanges with people are the best and the most natural. That is how we learned to speak our first language in the first place! At present, I am using books and Duolingo auf Deutsch to learn German. While I am slowly learning, I feel that I am not gaining fluency which is the whole point of learning German in the first place.

I will aim to post messages here of the resources that I am using to learn German and to track how I am progressing. It will take more than a year to do it but I think by showing how I am getting on, it will keep me motivated and focused. Feel free to contact me to encourage me or to offer advice.

Das ist alles heute. Bis bald.