Mahabis – I love my new slippers

My new Mahabis slippers with yellow soles.

I purchased new slippers this week – and I love them! They are Mahabis. Why should I be so excited about a pretty insignificant item of footwear you might ask? Slippers are slippers. Who cares? Well, there is a bit more to this story than just any old pair of slippers.

So what the hell are Mahabis you might ask? Here is the answer from their website:

what are mahabis?

mahabis are slippers for the 21st century. a slipper, redesigned from the ground-up. adding detachable soles, collapsible heels, and a unique design. mahabis can be worn both inside and outside and customized with a range of soles. stylish, simple and incredibly comfortable.

OK, so now you know what we are talking about… (well, what I am talking about).

My old slippers have holes in them

There are a number of reasons why I needed to buy new slippers. Firstly I live in Trier in western Germany. It is normal in this part of the world for people to take their shoes off when they enter their homes. It is about keeping the house tidy. Usually, you see a shoe rack or a shelf inside the door in German houses. We have one too. I normally do take off my shoes when I am in my apartment but since I have my new Mahabis, I do it religiously.

My girlfriend freaks out if I wear shoes in the bathroom. She likes to have it spotless so if I go in there with shoes on it could get dirty.

So I had two sets of shoes that I wore when in the apartment. One is a very snug and warm pair of slippers made from wool. They are soft and thick and keep the feet warm. My mother bought them for me as a Christmas present. She also gave a pair to my brother-in-law who said that he would love to wear them all the time, even with a tuxedo.

The other pair that I wore was a pair of Havianas flip-flops from Brazil. They are light and soft and enjoyable to wear when it is warm. The problem is though when it is cold and you want to keep socks on, it is difficult to wear the flip-flops as the socks have to bend around the support on the flip-flops where the toes go. Wearing socks with flip-flops doesn’t look good anyway. It is just plain wrong.

The soft woollen slippers were my go-to slippers as they are warm and easy to slip in and out of. I have obviously worn them too much as the soles are beginning to fray. Another problem is that they cannot be worn outside as they have no rubber or plastic sole. They get wet which is no fun when you want to wear them after.

My old slippers with a hole in the sole.

So recently I was thinking that I needed something new for wearing indoors, some type of slipper or sandal with a hard sole for walking out onto my terrace behind the apartment and also that can be worn while wearing socks.

My first thought was to go for the typical German sandal which is Birkenstocks. Almost every German wears these indoors. I do not blame them – they are a nice pair of sandals. I looked at the prices of them online and in shoe shops near me and they seemed reasonable – €70 or so.

But then…

Whilst at work one day I saw a web ad for Mahabis. I had noticed their ads on various websites for a while but I did not bother with them. A slipper is just a slipper and I could easily find such a thing in shops near me (I live in the inner city surrounded by shops). The thought of a fashionable pair of slippers did not really impress me but then I had another look at them.

It turned out that they were exactly the type of indoor shoe that I was looking for. Firstly not only are they slippers, they look great, they are comfortable but they also have a detachable sole that I could use for when I needed to walk outside my apartment. Yeah!! This is what I was looking for.

There was another thing that caught my attention on the Mahabis website. I noticed a blonde woman in the photographs modelling the slippers. I recognized her. She is the younger sister of a very good-looking woman I briefly dated ten years ago. It’s a small world.

I will have mine in yellow, please

I was looking at the choices on There are many different styles and colours to choose from. They have different varieties of shoes and slippers – classic, outdoors, summer, luxe, etc. With the classic variety which is what I went for, you select the colour slipper you want, the size, and the colour of the detachable sole. There are also some extras that one can add to the order if you wish but I did not bother with them.

The ones that I selected were Larvik dark grey, yellow soles in size 45. I wanted something a bit different and bright so the yellow soles were nice.

I placed my order on Monday and hoped that the slippers would arrive pretty quickly after that. I received a message on Friday that the slippers were in the area but that they would not be delivered until the next working day. That meant the following Monday! Why couldn’t the delivery company drop them off on Saturday morning?? My feet were denied their new slippers for three days until Monday morning as the delivery company did not work at the weekend. C’mon!!

(OK, it wasn’t really that big of a pain, but still, other delivery companies had delivered things to me on Saturdays).

A big fancy box

The parcel that the slippers arrived in was a big fancy-looking box. Mahabis do very stylish packaging. The box has a kind of shiny finish and good design. My girlfriend and I opened the box and saw what was inside.

Mahabis slippers boxThere was the slippers, a plastic pouch with the bright yellow soles and a leaflet explaining what Mahabis are and how to use them. All very impressive. You would never see this on other slippers. Most shoes don’t come in boxes as nice as these!

The Mahabis slippers and yellow soles in their box.

So I took them all out and put the detachable soles onto the slippers. They clip on at the back with a button. The slippers feel really comfortable and warm. There is a stretchy band at the back that can be either worn around the heel or stood upon. I was worried that they would be too rigid and would stick into my heel but they are so soft and stretchy that it fits very comfortably.

The Mahabis on display with their box.

I walked around the apartment in the new slippers to see how did they feel. I found that with the yellow soles attached that they make a lot of noise on the wooden floors in the apartment. They kind of clatter on the wood. So I took the yellow soles off.

The yellow soles detached from my Mahabis.

As the slippers already have a plastic sole, that is enough for wearing inside. I can put the yellow soles on again when I need to wear them to go outside on the terrace. The soles already on them are very quiet and soft so there is no noise when I walk around the apartment.

Wearing my new Mahabis.

My feet are in slipper heaven

So now that I have my Mahabis a week, I can say that I am very happy with them. They are warm, comfortable, stylish, snug, and quiet. My feet feel like they are in slipper heaven. I am wearing them without socks as I type this post. My feet feel warm. I don’t need to wear socks. I only take them off when I am going outside when I have to put shoes on. Perfect!

Mahabis with a yellow sole and without.

My girlfriend does not get annoyed with me wearing them in the bathroom so not only are they good for my feet, they are good for my relationship as well. 🙂

If you need slippers, go buy Mahabis

So now that you have read this far (I hope that it was worth it), I recommend you to buy a pair of Mahabis if you need a new pair of slippers. You won’t regret it.

Mahabis provided me with a link for you so that you can get a 10% discount:

I just bought these amazing slippers from mahabis and have a 10% off discount to give to a friend for their first purchase. They’re a new type of slipper with sleek design and detachable soles, I think you’ll love them so why don’t you take advantage of my special offer I got for you. Just click on this link and take a look.

Use this special link to get your 10% off.

When you get them, slip them on and enjoy. Your feet (and maybe your special other) will thank you for it.

Mahabis lying on their box.