About Me

Get the skinny about me and what I like

My name is Seanán. It is pronounced like shan-awn. It means the wise old man or someone who is wise like an old person. I come from the east of Ireland, 30km west of Baile Átha Cliath, the capitol city of Ireland.

I read history and politics at the University of Limerick. Later, I did a higher diploma in applied Irish and translation in Galway Mayo Institute of Technology.


I am very interested in:

  • history and politics
  • languages
  • food
  • travel
  • reading
  • dance music
  • computer technology


I speak five languages to various levels of fluency – Irish, English, French, Spanish and Portugeuse. I am learning German but I am not able to converse as well in that language as the others.

I live in western Germany and I work as a translator in the European Parliament in Luxembourg.

Amazing lecturer

I was a part-time university lecturer in the University of Trier in Germany from November 2014 to January 2015. I taught an Irish Cultural Studies Class to a mix of students keen to know about Ireland. The class covered Irish geography, history, society, economy, politics, music, dance and the Irish language.

Praise from the students

The students in the class loved me and the class. Here are some of their comments:

  • “The class was really worth getting up on Saturday mornings.”

  • “Despite the long hours on a Saturday I’m happy with the way the class was held. A good and friendly teacher.”

  • “Good atmosphere, first-handed insight into Irish culture, almost always felt entertained and motivated to listen”

  • “Very friendly atmosphere, enjoyable time and I really need to go to Ireland now!”

  • “Very entertaining and interesting”

  • “You are a chilled person, I’m glad I took this class, you did a good job. Keep teaching pls.”

  • “It was absolutely lovely and enjoying time to spend Saturdays and I didn’t regret it! Well done!”